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Mensajes desde Lo Inadecuado y el frío octubre. Does God exist?

Paolo realiza a gran velocidad la performance “El mensajero”

Dora, Muchas gracias y voy a mantendré informada de cómo serán las performances. PS: No sé si sabes esto, pero durante rehearsal un chico subió en el escenario tratando de detenerme! Hay gente inadeguadas en octubre también! Paolo, el mensajero.
Geoffrey y Michelangelo durante “Rehearsal/retrospective”
Dear dora! everything is great’! Waiting to go swimming! michelangelo cooked last night! pavillon was great! little mishap in that alba felt sick and was sick in bathroom so TALIA saved the day and performed prayers! SHE was very good and very interesting in the way she kept going in a low key intensity! thank god because it gave us the unity we needed! And patrizia shaking out her mop! () michelangelo always fantastic and paolo and margherita very good! dear dora when a second is free I also need the texts of sphynx messenger (in case the actor reads) artiste without works in case the actors forget ! and so I can study as french is different in style! but when you have time! I ask now so I won’t forget!  Caterina from resto says hello! Hope roma was good! besos geoffrey Continue reading ‘Mensajes desde Lo Inadecuado y el frío octubre. Does God exist?’